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Indulgence Gift Collection by Sanibel Naturals

Beautiful skin is yours! One box brimming with skin pampering Sanibel Naturals products: 4 bars of our Shea Butter Soap, an 8 ounce bottle of our Shea Butter Lotion with 75% Organic ingredients and an 8.5 ounce jar of our fabulous Body Polish. This Body Polish has sugar to exfoliate, and glycerin and avocado oil to leave your skin soft and restored.

Did we mention it is available in these fragrances: Beach, Key Lime, Hammock Time, Periwinkle, Shell Pink, Kaya and Unscented? 

Beach, our most popular, is our version of Bobbi Brown's Beach fragrance.

Key Lime is a bright fresh Lime that's not sweet.

Hammock Time is a "Cool Water" type fragrance.

Periwinkle is a "Love Spell" type fragrance.

Shell Pink is an "Angel" type fragrance.

Kaya is our version of "Kai".

Unscented is for everyone who is fragrance sensitive!

Not sure? Go for Beach, it is our number 1 by a mile....

This gift pack includes the pump for the Lotion and a scoop for the Body Polish.

Priced separately, this collection sells for over $85.00. You save and enjoy, what could be better?

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