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Shell Pink Soy Candle (Angel Type)


Shell Pink Soy Candle (Angel Type)


Angelic, feminine, elegant and mysterious. This is the duplication of the classic Angel perfume made famous by designer Thierry Mugler.


The Pink Shell Resort is a famous Southwest Florida landmark.

The fragrance blend includes black currants, musk, sandalwood, hazelnuts and peach. There are essences of chocolate, caramel, bergamot, and vanilla. The epitome of femininity.

Sanibel Naturals has no affiliation with “Angel” fragrance by Thierry Mugler.

Other popular fragrance duplications are Amber Romance, Periwinkle, Ghost Orchid, and Beach.

10 ounce candle will burn about 80 hours.


10 Ounces, 5 Ounces


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