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Periwinkle Home Fragrance


Periwinkle Home Fragrance


The main thoroughfare on Sanibel Island is Periwinkle Way. It is the place where the Island casts a Love Spell on you for all things “offshore”!

The folks who live on Sanibel refer to crossing the causeway that links Sanibel to the mainland as “Going Onshore”, thus the return trip is referred to as going “offshore”.  If you are fortunate enough to live “offshore”, the island indeed has cast a Love Spell on you! And that is how Love Spell became connected to Periwinkle.  The fragrance is a replication of “Love Spell” by Victoria’s Secret. A combination of wonderfully romantic scents of mandarin, bergamot, orange, peach, berries with a hint of musk.

Sanibel Naturals has no affiliation with Victoria’s Secret.

Other popular fragrance duplications are Amber Romance, Shell Pink, Ghost Orchid, and Beach.

The 10 ounce jar lasts about 5 months.

Weight 12.00 oz


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Periwinkle Home Fragrance

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